Wheelchair Leg Support

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Wheelchair Leg Support

Sitting and traveling in a wheelchair should be as comfortable as possible, especially if you sit for long periods of time. At Walgreens, we offer safe and comfortable wheelchairs with features designed to support your entire body, including your legs and feet. With the many features these chairs provide, you can move about in style and comfort. Explore the various wheelchairs available and learn more about the features each offers for your personal safety and comfort.

Long-Lasting Comfort and Support

Wheelchairs have a number of added features that make moving around and sitting for periods of time more comfortable and secure. Choose from lightweight wheelchairs, compact in size and easy to store, with elevating footrests you can easily detach when you need to. The sturdy leg rests on many models are designed with a stainless steel bar that locks into place for added safety and security for your feet and legs. With elevating leg rests, you can adjust the height to suit your personal comfort. Most wheelchair models can be quickly and easily adjusted without tools or other equipment.

Additional Features

Many models feature swing-away footrests you can quickly move to the side to get in and out of the chair. All footrests are made to support your legs whether you're sitting for long periods of time or on the go. Read the descriptions to see what type of leg and foot rests each model offers along with the other features each wheelchair provides. Do you have leg swelling or edema? With elevating leg rests you can easily raise the height of the rests to help reduce swelling. Adjustable leg rests gives you added versatility. In the description, you'll find the dimensions of each wheelchair component and its weight capacity.

Have questions about which model is right for you? Your doctor or physical therapist can give you guidance. Wheelchair leg support is only one feature to consider when choosing a wheelchair but it's an important one for your health and comfort. Discover the options that are available to you.