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Wheelchair Ramp

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Wheelchair ramp

Wheelchairs lend tremendous mobility improvements following injury or medical procedures. Whether for temporary use or as part of an ongoing need, wheelchairs allow people to go places they might not otherwise get to visit and explore. Still, the entire world is not designed to be friendly and accessible to wheelchairs. Steps and staircases can make it extremely difficult to maneuver in various locations, both locally and on distant vacations. Steps may prevent entry into stores, restaurants, and other attractions. Wheelchair ramps allow safer and more convenient access along with a greater sense of freedom and independence. No matter what the age, a wheelchair ramp can greatly improve an individual's ability to get around and see the world. A variety of different styles of wheelchair ramps are available to make the world a more accessible place. Single-fold wheelchair ramps with travel cases make it easy to maneuver at a moment's notice. A telescoping adjustable wheelchair ramp gives another compact option. Threshold ramps provide another helpful tool for getting over and beyond uneven surfaces. Adjustable ramps and threshold ramps feature sturdy, slip-resistant construction. Many different styles and sizes are available for indoor and outdoor use. Wheelchair ramps and threshold ramps may be made of aluminum, plastic, or rubber, to name a few.

Attributes of wheelchair ramps

Wheelchair ramps with handles may be suitable for those using a walker or other mobility aid. Rubber mats for doorway thresholds can provide additional safety precautions for those who may be a bit unsteady. Most wheelchair ramps feature a classic black and stainless steel design that coordinates well with any surroundings. These ramps are useful in homes, offices, on outdoor decks, and even as utility ramps to help load things in and out of cars and sport utility vehicles. Consider the spaces where the ramp will be used most in order to select the proper length of the ramp. Designed for their easy portability, the wheelchair ramps mostly feature a lightweight construction and a convenient center joint hinge. Simply fold them in half and carry to your destination like a suitcase or separate into two pieces. Choose a sturdy, well-built ramp to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters at home or on the go.

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