Wheelchair Ramps

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Wheelchair ramps

Mobility and wheelchair-friendly access requires the best ramp construction and portability. Don't let poorly designed building entry keep you from entering a building or limit your movement. Make sure you can access an entrance or be freely mobile within a space with confidence by providing your own portable wheelchair ramp. These wheelchair ramps can be lightweight, foldable and telescoping, giving you a wide range of options when selecting the ramp that will work best for your needs. The wheelchair ramps available at Walgreens come in various sizes so that you can choose the right width and length for your own wheelchair's design, as well. It's no longer just a matter of overcoming steps: with our wheelchair ramps it's about safer, comfortable and more confident access. Don't let the lack of wheelchair-friendly access affect your mobility: with these advanced engineered wheelchair ramps, you can achieve the swiftest and easiest access to any building.

Choosing the right wheelchair ramp

Whatever the width of your wheelchair, you can choose the right size ramp for your needs. From 30 to 32 inches in width, you can find the right size to meet the needs of your specific wheelchair. The ramps come in lightweight yet sturdy versions that can fold, giving you the ability to pack up the ramp and take it to where it's needed without any concern or trouble. You can be assured that the weight of you and your chair can be supported by the wheelchair ramps provided by Walgreens. All of our wheelchair ramps have the ability to bear heavy load limits and come in varying lengths so that you can be assured there is no entryway that is too high for you to access. Because of the light construction of our modern ramps, many of them are portable as well. If traveling to a location that doesn't have ready wheelchair access, you can simply fold and pack one of our wheelchair ramps into your vehicle. Once you reach your destination, the ramp can be deployed for easy access. The telescoping construction of modern ramps, as well as the weight-bearing design makes getting into and out of any building safe and fast.