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Wheelchair Trays

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Wheelchair trays

Using a wheelchair helps those who are injured or disabled maintain their mobility and enjoy the benefits of a full, active life, but the design of wheelchairs can make it difficult to complete certain activities. Many people find it challenging to eat or work on desks or tables comfortably, as the height differences between the chair and hard surfaces may require leaning forward or awkward reaching. Wheelchair trays help to eliminate this problem by providing a hard surface that is attached to the wheelchair and is directly in front of the user. With a wheelchair tray, it is possible to enjoy a meal anywhere, even when on the go. Adding a tray to a wheelchair can also make writing, reading and using a laptop or tablet computer more comfortable. Children can use the hard, sturdy surfaces of wheelchair trays as play areas for building with blocks, coloring, crafting or enjoying imaginative play toys. Walgreens carries a variety of wheelchair tray styles to meet the needs of every adult or child.

Wheelchair tray attributes

Wheelchair trays are designed in a variety of ways. Some use hooks and loops to attach to chairs, allowing them to be easily added and versatile enough to coordinate with nearly any wheelchair design. Others clamp into place on wheelchairs and work with chairs of specific sizes. Some trays are even designed as accessories for one particular model of wheelchair and are engineered specifically to ensure comfort when used with their coordinating chairs. To prevent spills and keep items from slipping off their surfaces, trays may have molded lips along their top edges or along the top and the sides. Trays are most commonly made of plastic, and some are transparent, so that the feet and lower body can still be viewed when the tray is in place. The majority of wheelchair trays are contoured to fit comfortably around the body and ensure good posture. In most cases, wheelchair trays are safe to use for those with disabilities and injuries; however, you may want to consult your doctor if you're concerned about how a wheelchair tray may affect your or your loved one's posture.

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