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White lab coats

Do you appreciate the traditional and professional look of a white lab coat? Find different sizes, styles and lengths from Medline here at Walgreens.com. Medical lab coats can protect your scrubs or clothes and offer varying features to choose from. White lab coats come in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

Take your pick

You can select a white lab coat in either knee length or staff length depending on how much coverage you would like. The versatile button front gives you the option to wear your traditional lab coat open or keep your clothes protected by keeping it buttoned up. You can stay organized and keep what you need close with multiple pockets. Your pants pockets can also be easily accessible with the open side slash on these lab coats.

For comfort and care

Our home medical department features a wide range of products to help in independent living and patient care. You'll find no rinse cleansers and shampoos and wound care products, including post surgical dressings. If you're caring for someone who is receiving ongoing treatment or has had surgery, there are medical nutrition products for before and after surgery as well as for diabetes and cancer patients. There are also products to help with mobility challenges such as transfer chairs, crutches and canes and lift chairs.