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Wireless Vibrators

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Wireless Vibrators

Sexual satisfaction brings more than just momentary pleasure. A healthy sex life can play an important part in overall well-being, so you want to make sure that your needs are met whether you're with a partner or releasing tension on your own. Many people find that wireless vibrators can deepen their satisfaction and help them enjoy intimacy and self-stimulation more fully. Walgreens can help you experience the pleasure possible with a wireless vibrator with a selection of products that can be shipped discreetly to your home.

The Benefits of Wireless Vibrators

A vibrator is an adult toy that produces small, fast movements that provide stimulation for sensitive areas. A wireless remote control vibrator is one that runs on batteries and does not have a cord that plugs into a wall outlet. This allows you to use the vibrator wherever you wish. Some toys are even waterproof, so that they can be used in the tub or shower. Wireless vibrators can be used during masturbation to enhance pleasure and provide more satisfying climaxes. Couples can also use wireless vibes as a part of foreplay or intercourse. A wireless model is especially beneficial for couples, as there are no cords or wires to become twisted or caught up in during use.

Vibes for Him and Her

Wireless vibrators can provide pleasure for men and women alike. Men can purchase vibrating strokers, which fit over the penis and can be used to simulate intercourse. The addition of the vibrations brings a new sensation to the experience that many men enjoy. Wireless vibrators that are shaped like dildos can be used to simulate intercourse for both men and women. These toys stimulate the prostate when used by men and the G-spot when used by women. Some wireless vibrators are designed especially for women and are held against the clitoris.

Couples Vibrators to Please You Both

Some wireless vibrators are made specifically for couples to enjoy together during love-making. The most popular style of wireless couples vibrators is the vibrating ring. This type of toy consists of a flexible ring that is worn on the base of the penis shaft during intercourse. A vibrating bullet is attached to the ring and produces stimulation for the penis and for a woman's clitoris area throughout sex. Many men find that the pressure from the ring helps them maintain an erection for longer and increases their stamina. Women who have difficulty climaxing from vaginal penetration alone may be able to more easily achieve an orgasm when a wireless couples vibrator is used.

Mountable Vibrator Designs

A small number of wireless vibrators are made to simulate intercourse during masturbation more easily. These models typically feature suction cups on their bases, so that they can be mounted on a wall, a headboard or on the floor. These types of wireless vibrators come in designs that can be used by both men and women. You can also find rabbit style wireless mount-able vibrators designed especially for her. These toys have an extra arm that rests against the clitoris to provide both internal and external stimulation.

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