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Wood Pencils

A pencil is a much more forgiving medium than a pen, which is one reason why it's so popular among both students and artists. These common utensils are constantly the subjects of technological innovations, but many people still prefer the standard wood pencils that have been popular for centuries. Easy to sharpen and consistent to use, these products use graphite as their writing implement and synthetic rubber for their erasers. You can find a wide selection of wood pencils here at Walgreens, which can be put to a variety of uses.

Advantages of Wood Pencils for Writing

While some professions still require you to use pencils every so often, you'll probably do most of your writing with these implements while you're in school. From note-taking to filling out tests, it's important to have a pencil you can trust in the classroom. While many students prefer mechanical pencils for their consistent sharpness, others find that the fine leads snap too easily and can be a nuisance. Wood pencils may have an advantage in this area because their tips are able to hold up to more pressure without breaking. They can also be easily sharpened with a small tool you keep with you at your desk, and you'll never have to worry about suddenly running out of lead.

Drawing with Wood Pencils

Many artists prefer wood pencils because they can be used to draw more expressive lines. While the uniform lead width of mechanical pencils makes them the optimal choice for technical drawings, wood pencils can achieve different widths and weights of lines depending on how you hold them and how hard you press. For example, a freshly sharpened wood pencil can be used for a thin, light line, while the edge of a dull wood pencil is an excellent choice for shading. Some artists also prefer the slightly springy feel of a wood pencil in their hands as compared to harder materials like plastic or metal.

Deciding to use wood pencils as opposed to mechanical alternatives will come down to personal preference. Browse the selection of wood pencils here at Walgreens, and you'll easily find the right product to fit your needs.