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Wound care gel

Provide the proper healing environment for your wound with wound care gel. If you have dermal ulcers, pressure ulcers or wounds with exudate, gel dressings may be the type of bandage you need. There are also wound care gels that you can apply to your wound to ensure moisture for your skin to help it recover. Try a gel product for wound care from brands such as DuoDERM or Medline.

Wound dressings

Wound care gel dressings come in different sizes so you can choose the one that will provide the best coverage. There are also different shapes to choose from if you need a more custom dressing. Some gel wound dressings include a wide border to help contain fluid. You can also find wound care gel dressings that absorb and retain pathogens to help the healing process.

Additional wound care products

In addition to wound care gel, Walgreens.com carries other types of wound dressings that include hydrofiber and alignate bandages as well as surgical sponges and hydrogel. You'll also find other first aid products that include gauze, liquid bandages and topical pain relievers. You can shop for pain relief medication, hydrating moisturizers as well as scar treatments to help your skin return to normal.