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Wound Dressings For Burns

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Wound dressings for burns

For minor burns, look for wound dressings for burns to help protect and heal. There are antiseptic ointments & topical antibiotics to ease the pain and help prevent infection. Wound dressings for burns include gauze, bandages, non-stick dressings and gentle paper tape to cover the burn or sterilize. Brands Nexcare andJohnson & Johnson offer burn care products to help you recover.

Serious solutions

If you have a more serious burn and have been under a doctor's care, make sure to get the burn wound dressing he or she has recommended. Patient care wound dressing for burns includes different types. For first-degree burns, alignate dressings can often suffice. Hydrofiber dressings are absorbent and can be used in some cases for second-degree burns. Find your doctor-recommended burn dressing from brands Medline, DuoDERM or AQUACEL.

Home health care supplies

There are also other wound care dressings and supplies here at Hydrogel dressings can help maintain a moist environment, and hydrogel is also sold separately. Hydrocolloid wound dressings absorb fluids and are commonly used for pressure and dermal ulcers. Additionally, our home medical department has a wide range of home health care products and supplies. Aids to daily living include hearing assistance and light therapy products. For bathroom safety and mobility aids such as medical scooters, crutches and wheelchairs, also browse our mobility and equipment section.

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