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Wound dressings

You have a number of options for wound dressings depending on what type of wound you are caring for. Hydrocolloid dressings can be used with dermal and pressure ulcers as well as other wounds that drain. Medical dressings can maintain a moist environment for better wound healing. There are foam wound dressings that can help prevent bacterial contamination, and hydrofiber dressings that are formulated to kill pathogens. Choose your post-surgical dressings and bandages for wounds from brands Medline, DuoDERM and AQUACEL.

Careful consideration

Your doctor should give you direction on the wound dressing to use for your particular lesion, and following that guidance is important for proper healing. Certain bandages serve important functions in creating an ideal environment to improve or accelerate the healing process. In addition to the dressing, there is also hydrogel and surgical sponges to help you care for your wound.

Home health care

For more home health care necessities, shop our home medical department. Our selection of wound care products includes suspension boots, skin repair creams, wound cleansing sprays and surgical wound dressings. If you're caring for a patient, visit the patient care section for home health care equipment and cleansing as well as scrubs. Find solutions or help for a number of medical conditions among our sections devoted to incontinence, medical nutrition and post-surgical and hosiery needs.