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Wrist supports

For the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or other ailments, wrist supports can stabilize your wrist for relief. Some of these wrist braces are made to be worn during the night to prevent pain, and others can be used at any time. There are wrist supports from brands OTC Professional Orthopaedic, Champion and Futuro that adjust to fit almost any hand and wrist size. Others come in extra small, small, medium, large or extra-large sizes.

Supporting and stabilizing your wrist

Choose the wrist support that best meets your needs, whether you've injured your thumb or need warmth and compression for arthritis relief. Some wrist brace supports are fitted for specifically the left or right hand, while others can be used on either. You can also choose the level of support and stability you need, ranging from a rigid wrist splint to an elastic wrist support. There are different colors available, including beige, black and blue.

Relief and comfort

Other options for pain relief are also here at Walgreens.com. You can find heat therapy patches that can be used for arthritis pain or muscle aches, as well as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin. We carry other types of braces and supports that range from hand braces to thigh supports and knee warmers.