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ZMA Supplements

ZMA is an all-natural mixture made of the minerals zinc and magnesium asparate and a little bit of vitamin B6. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders to help with their workouts and to maintain a healthy level of these minerals. There have been some studies that showed that athletes may have lower levels of zinc and magnesium due to increased sweating. They may also not be getting enough of these minerals in their diet. A low level of zinc may affect your immune function, which helps to fight infections. Zinc also plays an important role in cell growth. Magnesium helps with 300 reactions in the body. It is needed for bone strength, a strong immune system, and a healthy nervous system. A lack of magnesium can cause poor sleep. Vitamin B6 helps your body to change protein into energy. All three minerals are important to your body on their own, but packaged together, they can bring your workout to a new level. There have been some studies that suggest that ZMA shortens the time of muscle breakdown following a workout. This is also known as "catabolism". The body breaks down muscle to make energy. The shorter the period of catabolism, the quicker the muscle can start to repair itself. This is also known as anabolism. This is very important to people who work out regularly. More studies are needed to prove these claims. There have also been studies that showed that use of ZMA supplements have positive effects on athletes involved in resistance training.

Ensuring ZMA is Right for You

Walgreens offers ZMA capsules for your use during workouts. Some of these products may add vitamins and minerals to zinc and magnesium to support other functions during workouts. As with any kind of medicine or supplement, there may be side effects or they may affect you differently. Be sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist before beginning any supplement. Be sure to talk about your medical problems. Tell him/her about all of the medicine that you take. Include all of your prescriptions, over the counter medicines and any other supplements. Once you and your doctor agree that ZMA supplements will work for you, come to walgreens.com. We will be there to meet your needs.

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