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Acuvue at Walgreens

Your vision is precious, and you want to be certain that whatever you're using to help improve it is truly the best solution available. An optometrist can help you decide which type of contact lens is the best fit for you. ACUVUE brand contacts are one of the most commonly prescribed brands by eye care professionals because of their innovative features. If your doctor has prescribed ACUVUE, you can get quality lenses at a great price at Walgreens.

A History of Innovation

ACUVUE contacts have been one of the leading brands in vision correction for over 20 years. Since the founding of the company, ACUVUE has led the way in innovation, developing some of the most important technologies used in contact lens design today. In 1988, the brand pioneered the first soft contact lens that could be worn and then thrown away. This marked the start of disposable lenses, which are now one of the most commonly prescribed types of lenses on the market. The brand is owned by Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest personal care companies in the world. You can be confident that ACUVUE lenses are produced with strict quality controls to ensure the safety of your eyes.

The Latest Science

Contact lenses made by ACUVUE feature a number of technologies developed by the brand and that are exclusively used in their range of contacts. The company originated HYDRACLEAR technology, which helps keep lenses better lubricated for a more comfortable fit. Special hydro gel materials used in the production of ACUVUE contacts further enhance their comfort and cut down on contact-related irritation. For individuals with a focus problem called astigmatism, ACUVUE developed Blink Stabilized Technology, making contact lenses easier to wear. The brand is also known for their Stereo Precision Technology used to correct problems with both near and distance visions simultaneously.

Is ACUVUE Right for You?

ACUVUE offers daily and weekly disposable contact lenses, lenses for bifocal wearers, solutions for those with astigmatism and contacts that alter eye color and correct vision. If you're curious as to whether or not ACUVUE is a good fit for your needs, discuss the lenses with your optometrist. He or she can help you determine if an ACUVUE lens product is right for you and provide you with a prescription that you can use to purchase your lenses from Walgreens.

Ordering ACUVUE Contacts Online

If you have a prescription for ACUVUE lenses that was issued within the last 12 months, you can order your contacts online with ease. Find the type recommended by your optometrist on the ACUVUE brand page. Some ACUVUE lenses are available in different sized supplies to meet your needs. On the product page, enter all of the information for your prescription as it appears on your last box of ACUVUE contacts or on the paper prescription given to you by your doctor. To expedite your order, you can fax a copy of the prescription to Walgreens, or you can allow a customer service representative to contact your optometrist and verify your prescription.