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After Sun Care

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After Sun Care Products at Walgreens

Spending time outdoors in the sun can lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, sun exposure doesn't always leave your skin feeling equally happy. Ultraviolet (UV) energy can take a toll on your skin, leaving you plagued with a number of unpleasant symptoms when your day of fun in the sun comes to an end. The good news is that you can take steps to ease discomfort and support recovery with after sun care products. Walgreens stocks a diverse assortment of after sun skin care solutions and makes it easy for you to find the perfect products for your needs online and in stores.

Replenishing Lost Moisture

The heat from the sun causes moisture to evaporate from your skin at a faster pace than usual. As a result, your skin may feel dry when you return indoors after long periods in the sun. After sun moisturizers can address this problem. These products typically contain emollient ingredients like plant oils and butters that provide a dose of hydration. Applying an after sun moisture can ease feelings of tightness and itching associated with post-sun dehydration.

Soothing Sunburn

If you forgot to apply sunscreen or missed a spot during application, you may end up with sunburn after sun exposure. Most minor sunburns gradually improve on their own, but in the meantime, it can cause discomfort and itching. Fortunately, you can ease this discomfort with soothing after sun care products. These products are offered in a variety of forms, including gels, creams, lotions and sprays.

Ingredients Found in Sunburn Products

There are a number of ingredients that may be found in after sun care products formulated to address symptoms of sunburn. Many creams and lotions contain emollients and other moisturizing ingredients to rehydrate skin. Aloe vera is another common ingredient. This plant extract is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that have been shown to ease redness and discomfort associated with sunburn. Some products may contain an over-the-counter anesthetic medication like lidocaine and can ease itchiness and pain. If you're unsure which ingredients are best for your skin, your health care provider can give you advice.

A Complete Sun Care Regimen

Although there are products available to help you soothe sunburn, the best thing that you can do for your skin is to take steps to prevent the problem in the first place. After all, repeated sun exposure can increase your risk of developing fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin cancer. That's why experts recommend applying sunscreen every day before you go outside. Typically, you should strive to slather or spray on 1 ounce of sunscreen from head to toe roughly 30 minutes before you will be exposed to the sun. Reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours or more frequently if you are swimming or sweating profusely can go a long way toward protecting your skin from the short- and long-term dangers of sun exposure.