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Alcon at Walgreens

Contact lenses can help you see more clearly without having to wear eyeglasses on a daily basis. However, to get the best results from wearing contacts, you need to wear the best possible lenses. Alcon contacts are preferred by many optometrists because they feature a number of technologies not found in other contact lenses on the market today. Walgreens now makes it easier than ever to get your Alcon contacts with affordable prices and home delivery.

Decades of Research and Innovation

Since the launch of the company in the 1980s, Alcon has been a leader in contact lens research and development. During the early years of the company, Alcon introduced technologies that are now used by nearly all contact lens manufacturers. One such innovation was the visibly tinted contact lens that was easier to find when dropped. The company was also the first to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for a bifocal soft contact lens design that corrects both near and distant vision. Also a leader in lens care products, Alcon developed one of the first disinfecting solutions that uses antibacterial hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the most commonly used ingredients in disinfectants today. Since 2011, Alcon has been a part of Alcon, one of the world's leading producers of eye care products. The company is committed to providing safe, effective products for the eyes.

Unique Features and Technologies for Your Eyes

Alcon continues to lead the way in terms of contact lens development. Today, the company uses a number of key technologies that make their products stand out among others on the market. Their AIR OPTIX technology makes contact lenses more breathable which allows an increased amount of oxygen to reach the eyes. This helps promote eye health and reduces redness and discomfort throughout the day. The company is also one of the leaders in color contact lens technology. They offer an array of products that can change the hue of the eyes while helping improve vision. With triple action moisture technology, Alcon contacts remain better lubricated throughout the day, so that users can wear their contacts for longer with less risk of irritation.

Getting Your Alcon Contacts Delivered

If you are interested in using Alcon contact lenses to correct your vision, talk to your optometrist and obtain a prescription for the type of lenses that is right for you. Once you have a prescription for Alcon disposable, colored or bifocal contacts, you can purchase your lenses from Walgreens. Use the check boxes at the left to refine your search and locate your contacts more easily. Once you have found your lenses, copy all of the information from your prescription onto the ordering page. After check out, you can fax a copy of your prescription to Walgreens to get your contact lenses more quickly. If you cannot fax your prescription, Walgreens will simply call your eye doctor to verify your prescription and then send your contacts to your home or business.