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Aptamil ProNutra Biotik Stage 1 Infant Formula

ProNutra Biotik Stage 1 Infant Formula900.0g

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  • Description

    Aptamil Gold+ 1 - from the #1 formula brand in Europe - is a nutritionally complete formula suitable for babies from 0-12 months, inspired by 40 years of research in early life science. Aptamil Gold+ 1 features prebiotics GOS and FOS and probiotic B. breve to help support digestive health and the immune system, as well as DHA (Omega-3) to help support brain & eye development, and key vitamins & minerals found in breast milk. The passionate Aptamil team of more than 500 scientists and experts is dedicated to helping you feel confident in what you feed your little one.

    Made in New Zealand

    To Prepare formula: Labels in Europe and other countries instruct consumers to boil water. Consistent with that approach, the label for Aptamil Gold+ 1 recommends boiling water and letting it cool. Wash hands and surfaces, pour desired amount of warm water, approximately 100 degrees F (40 degrees C), into a clean bottle. Using the scoop provided, level off the powder. Add the correct measure of powder to the water - mixing instructions require 1 scoop (7.3g) per 1.7 fluid ounce (50mL) of water. Cap bottle and shake well until powder is dissolved. Feed immediately and discard used formula. See label for detailed instructions. Your baby's health depends on carefully following the preparation, use and storage instructions on the label. Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe harm.

  • Product Specifications

  • Ingredients

    Milk solids, vegetable oils, short chain galactooligosaccharides (milk), dried omega LCPUFAs, long chain fructo-oligosaccharides, taurine, choline chloride, Bifidobacterium breve M-16V, L-carnitine, inositol, Minerals:, Vitamins:, Nucleotides:
  • Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size 100 mL Prepared
    Servings Per Container
    Nutritional Information
    % Daily Value
    Sodium 24mg
    Potassium 94mg
    Energy (282 kJ) 67kcal
    Protein (Whey 60%, Casein 40%) 1.4g
    Fat (Omega LCPUFAs DHA 13.7 mg, AA 22 mg ) 3.7g
    Carbohydrate 6.8g
    Thiamin (B1) 79Mug
    Riboflavin (B2) 139Mug
    Niacin (B3) 0.67mg
    Pantothenic Acid B5 0.62mg
    L-Carnitine 1.6mg
    Choline 11.0mg
    Inositol 5.6mg
    Taurine 5.4mg
    Cytidine 5' Monophosphate 1.2mg
    Uridine 5' Monophosphate 0.78mg
    Adenosine 5' Monophosphate 0.78mg
    Inosine 5' Monophosphate 0.44mg
    Guanosine 5' Monophosphate 0.23mg
    Prebiotic scGoS4 0.72g
    Prebiotic lcFOS5 0.08g
    Probiotic Bifidobacterium Breve M-16V 394CFU
    Vitamin A 76Mug-RE
    Vitamin C 16.2mg
    Vitamin D 1.1Mug
    Vitamin E 0.98mg a-TE
    Vitamin K 6.4Mug
    Vitamin B6 62Mug
    Folate,Folic Acid,Folacin 13.6Mug
    Vitamin B12 0.48Mug
    Biotin 2.4Mug
    Calcium 62mg
    Iron 0.96mg
    Phosphorus 42mg
    Iodine 12.4Mug
    Magnesium 7.3mg
    Zinc 0.56mg
    Selenium 2.0Mug
    Copper 67Mug
    Manganese 7.2Mug
    Chloride 58mg
  • Warnings

    Contains:  Milk, Fish and Soy

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