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Baby & Children's Bath

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Baby & Children's Bath at Walgreens

Bathing is an important necessity for basic hygiene but it can also be fun. Many babies and children enjoy bath time, and the regular ritual gives the two of you a chance to bond while you lather them up and rinse them clean. Having the right products on hand helps to ensure bath time goes smoothly while getting the job done properly. Your pediatrician can provide advice on which baby and children's bath products are right for your child. Then, you can shop for whatever you need among the large selection of products available at Walgreens online and in stores.

All the Basics You Need for Bath Time

Many bath products designed for adults may be too strong for the delicate skin of babies and kids. Consider opting for products made specifically for little ones.

  • Bar soap and body wash for kids remove impurities with gentle cleansing agents. Some products also work as shampoo to make bathing quicker and simpler.
  • After the bath, you can apply a body cream or lotion to seal in moisture.
  • Bath time is the perfect time to trim your child's nails. A soak in the tub helps to soften nails, so they are easier to cut. Nail clippers made for kids are just the right size to fit growing fingers and usually have safety features to protect your child from over-trimming and accidental cuts.

Solutions for Specific Concerns

Many children develop dry skin and sensitivity reactions. If your little one is among them, your pediatrician may recommend specialty products. Some body washes and creams are formulated specifically for sensitive skin. You can also find products developed for specific concerns, such as eczema and rosacea.

Bubble Baths and Toys for Splashy Fun

Keeping your child entertained in the tub doesn't just make sure they look forward to their baths. When babies and kids are distracted, it's often easier to wash them from head to toe.

  • Bubble baths create foamy bubbles that spark curiosity and inspire creative play.
  • You can also give your child tub toys to occupy and engage them. Tub toys are made of waterproof materials to ensure they hold up to the splashy fun, and many brands offer a wide variety to appeal to kids at every stage.

You can filter products by age using the left-hand menu to find toys that are right for your child.

Making Bath Time Greener

If you're striving to decrease the size of your family's eco-footprint, natural bath products can help you stick to your green philosophy when bathing your child. Natural products include minerals, plant extracts and other ingredients sourced from the earth in place of chemicals whenever possible. Not only are the formulas considered eco-friendly, but they're also often free of synthetic ingredients like fragrances, dyes and preservatives.