Baby Clothing and Accessories

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Baby Clothing and Accessories at Walgreens

With leaky diapers and messy feedings, babies often need their clothes changed more than once per day. Having a layette filled with clothing staples for infants can cut down on the frequency of laundry and simplify life. Walgreens can help you complete your little one's wardrobe with a diverse selection of baby clothing. We also carry accessories to polish off any ensemble and protect little eyes from the sun's UV rays. Check out our full selection of products available online or stop into your nearest Walgreens store to see what's on our shelves and ready to purchase today.

Choosing Clothing for Infants

Bodysuits, tops, pants and sleepers are the essentials for a baby's wardrobe. When selecting infant clothing, you can compare not only the styles but also the fabrics from which they are made. Cotton fabrics have a soft feel and are breathable to keep babies cool and comfortable. Polyester fabrics resist wrinkling and can simplify care. Most infant clothing is available in a range of sizes. Sizing scales vary from brand to brand and may be determined by height or weight. Sizing charts included in the garment descriptions can help you determine which is right for your child.

Protecting Your Little One's Vision

Babies look adorable wearing sunglasses, but these accessories are as functional as they are fashionable. The right sunglasses can protect your babys eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays For the best possible protection, experts recommend selecting sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays.