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Baby Wipes

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Baby Wipes at Walgreens

Baby wipes simplify diapering , but they're not just for keeping a baby’s bottom clean. With handy wipes on hand, you can wipe messy mouths and sticky fingers at home and while traveling. Wipes can also come in handy for grown-ups who want to freshen up their hands or faces on the go. Whatever you use wipes for, Walgreens can help you find the best options for your needs with a diverse assortment of baby products available in stores and online.

Stock Up on Baby Wipes

Deciding just how many wipes you need is an excellent starting point for your shopping. If you want to stash some wipes in your handbag, diaper bag, luggage or vehicle, soft packs may be the way to go. Their compact size and flexible packaging allow you to easily take them along wherever you go. Some soft packs feature uniquely designed dispenser tops that help you retrieve just one wipe at a time. For home use, buying wipes in a tub or canister can give you a longer-lasting supply. Popular brands even sell bulk refills to economically replenish the contents of your tub or canister over time.

Standard vs. Flushable Wipes

In this product selection, you'll find both standard and flushable wipes. With standard baby wipes, you use the soft, moistened cloth to gently cleanse skin and then toss them in the trash for easy disposal. Flushable baby wipes can be thrown out or flushed away like toilet paper. This is because their cloth-like material begins to break down quickly in water. Keep in mind that if you have a septic system or a sewer system that is prone to clogs due to other reasons, it may be better to dispose of flushable wipes in the garbage. You can also contact your utility company to find out if you're permitted to flush wipes in your area.

Discover Wipes for Special Concerns

Some baby wipes offer extra benefits that may make them ideal for your needs. Hypoallergenic baby wipes may be preferable for those with sensitive skin. Soothing wipes often feature ingredients such as aloe vera extract. Moisturizing wipes feature hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter to address dryness. Extra-strength wipes usually have one extra layer of fabric to increase their strength and make them well suited for tackling the messiest jobs.

Reduce Waste with Greener Options

For those striving to reduce their eco impact, some wipes products offer a greener solution. Baby wipes made of recycled materials or that are biodegradable allow you to do your part to reduce the amount of waste that lingers in landfills. Natural baby wipes feature more plant-based ingredients than their standard counterparts, making them in line with eco-friendly lifestyles.