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Back & Body Massagers

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Back & Body Massagers at Walgreens

Many people today rely on a home massage to ease stress and promote overall well-being. Walgreens can help you get started with an at-home massage or enhance your current massage ritual with a diverse selection of back and body massagers. You can explore the assortment of products online or stop into your local Walgreens store to buy a massager today.

Benefits of Home Massage

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to perform back and body massages at home. Massaging the muscles has been shown to ease tension and reduce stress to positively impact physical and mental health. Plus, a massage may help reduce stiffness and discomfort in problem areas. Talk to your health care provider to find out if home massage could be beneficial for you.

Manual Massage Tools

While it's possible to perform an at-home massage using nothing but your hands, many people prefer to use massage tools to enhance the experience. Some manual massagers are rollers that you simply run back and forth over a particular area of the body, while others are handheld tools with round or bumpy protrusions that help to knead and work muscles. As you compare manual massage tools, pay attention to their size. Larger options are a good choice for areas like the lower and upper back, while smaller massagers make it easier to target areas like the neck, calves and shoulders.

Massagers with Power

Looking for a way to simplify at-home massage? Power massagers are an excellent solution. These products eliminate the need for you to rub and knead the muscles with your hands or a tool. Instead of manual power, these devices run on batteries or electricity from a wall outlet. The massagers feature round or bumpy heads that spin or vibrate. Just hold the tool against your back or another area of your body. Some power massagers offer a heat function.

Other Massage Solutions

In this product selection, you'll find a number of other products that you can incorporate into your at-home massage routine. Pads, belts and cushions with massage action make it possible to reap the benefits of a massage with ease. Some people find that this makes the experience more relaxing. For traditional massages with your hands or a manual tool, you may want to apply a massage oil or lotion to your skin. These products reduce friction, allowing hands to easily glide over the skin. Massage oils and lotions may also have a pleasing scent to enhance the experience.