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Bariatric Bathroom Safety

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Bariatric Bathroom Safety Products at Walgreens

Bathrooms are an area of the house where falls are most likely to occur. The combination of moisture and soap create a slick environment that's' ripe for accidents and injuries. Many falls occur as people are climbing into or out of the bathtub. Seniors with decreased lower body strength or balance problems are at especially high risk for falling. Fortunately, there are ways to make the bathroom a safer place and reduce the risk of falls.

Bariatric Transfer Benches

Getting into and out of the bathtub is easier with a bariatric transfer bench. These heavy-duty benches are constructed so the bench straddles the bath tub, part of the bench in the tub and part out. By sitting on the outer seat with both legs outside the tub, you can slowly and carefully lift each leg over the wall of the bathtub and safely enter it. Bariatric transfer benches come with extra-wide seats for added support for larger individuals. The seats can be adjusted in height.

Bath Seats

Heavy-duty bath seats with and without backs make it easy for people with limited strength or endurance to shower. Standing in a shower may be too tiring for people with reduced leg strength or balance issues. Bath seats make it possible to sit while showering. Bariatric bath seats and benches support up to 500 pounds of weight and are adjustable in height.


Medical commodes with elongated seats are constructed to offer extra depth. The height is adjustable for optimal safety and comfort. The welded construction and steel tubing give these toilets added durability, support and stability to accommodate the needs of people of all sizes. Some models come with accessories like an attached toilet paper holder.

Extra-large super heavy duty bariatric drop arm commodes offer the ultimate in support and comfort. Their roomy design has a wide, padded seat, padded arms and a comfy back rest for added back support. The arm rest offers additional support and leverage when rising from a sitting position. These heavy-duty commodes feature an easy to release drop arm mechanism that makes transfer to and from the commode seat easier and safer.

Making Your Bathroom Safer

Bariatric safety aids like bariatric medical commodes, bath seats and bariatric transfer benches make bathrooms safer for people of all sizes with reduced mobility and balance problems. Their added safety features make bathroom activities easier and more comfortable. Other helpful features that add to bathroom safety are grab bars on the walls and non-slip bath mats on the floor for added traction.

Be sure to choose items that are appropriate for your height or the height of your loved one. Some of the items can be adjusted to accommodate varying height requirements. Some heavy-duty bariatric commodes can accommodate weights of 850 pounds or more and have extra-wide platform seats with padding that make bathroom duties more comfortable. Most of these items can be easily moved aside and stored when guests arrive. Take care to make sure your bathrooms are safe for everyone in your household.

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