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Bath & Body for Men at Walgreens

As a guy, it can sometimes be difficult to find your rhythm when it comes to personal grooming. Your skin poses special challenges and can sometimes seem bent on sabotaging your efforts toward a clear, smooth, attractive complexion. At the same time, you likely aspire to a lean, uncomplicated body-care regimen-a goal that requires you to select honed, effective products for keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and happy.

The Uniqueness of Men's Skin

Whatever your situation, it's always essential to select grooming products that are appropriate to your skin type and condition. At the broadest level, there are dermatological differences between genders. As the American Academy of Dermatology notes, men's skin is substantially oilier than women's-guys produce approximately four times the amount of sebum-as well as produce more sweat than women. Guys also usually sport larger pores than women. Additionally, men's skin tends to be thicker and less imbued with subcutaneous fat, particularly as age advances. Denser facial and body hair certainly has an influence on the dermatological environment, as well.

Whether it's a face lotion or a body wash, a deodorant or a general-purpose soap, bath and body-care products for guys are typically geared for the sweaty, oily, hairy conditions that come with the gender territory.

Sensitive Skin

Identifying bath and body products geared toward men is the first step toward rounding out your personal-grooming regimen with proper components, but you want to take a finer-toothed comb to the search, as well. Your specific skin type matters, too, after all. If you have a sensitive complexion, you'll likely find many skincare products far too aggravating and harsh for use.

"Sensitive" is a broad category: The various dermatological conditions it umbrellas affect millions of people, both men and women. For example, blemishes are a widespread problem that afflicts people of all ages. Breakouts of pimples stem from skin pores that are congested with excess sebum oil and supporting dense concentrations of naturally occurring bacteria. Skin care products may combat blemishes by targeting the offending bacteria, reducing inflammation, and/or tackling oiliness and clogged pores. Gentle exfoliators, for example, can strip away the accumulated film of dead skin cells that can infiltrate pores.

The symptoms of rosacea are sometimes confused with acne, but the pathology is entirely distinct. Quick-flushing skin, broken blood vessels and pustules are among the common symptoms of rosacea, the exact cause of which isn't fully understood. Certain ingredients commonly found in acne treatments can exacerbate rosacea expression, so it's important to seek an exact diagnosis.

Many men have a particularly dry or a particularly oily complexion, and should pursue skincare products that take that natural skin character into account. A cleanser with enough muscle to tackle a greasy face might be too powerful and parching for dry, chafed skin-and a cleanser for "normal," well-balanced skin will often be ineffective for either case.

Other Considerations

Your occupation and lifestyle also impact the rigors your skin and hair contend with. A guy who plays sports regularly or otherwise engages in rigorous outdoor activity may need a stronger deodorant, for example. He may also need to cleanse and moisturize more often to sweep away sweat and other impurities as well as keep his skin balanced; but must also realize it's important to use products that avoid stripping away essential moisture in the process.