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Bathroom Cleaners

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Bathroom Cleaners at Walgreens

Regularly cleaning a bathroom is an important part of maintaining an orderly household. The right cleaning products can make the job simpler and more effective. Walgreens stocks a diverse assortment of cleaning products that can help you tackle every surface from the sink to the toilet to the shower. Browse the entire selection or use the menu on the left side of the page to shop by brand, product type or other features to find your preferred bathroom cleaning products fast.

Solutions for Every Surface

Some bathroom cleaning products are formulated to work on a specific surface, such as ceramic or vinyl tile. Multi-surface or all-purpose cleaners can be used to clean or disinfect multiple bathroom surfaces. When shopping for an all-purpose cleaner, be sure to check that the products are safe to use on the surface you need to clean. Although these products are suitable for many tasks, they may not be ideal for every surface in your home.

Cleaning Surfaces the Way You Prefer

Multi-purpose bathroom cleaning products are available in a variety of forms. When tackling large jobs, liquid or powder cleaners that you use on their own or mix with water are a convenient option. Cleaning products that spray or spritz on allow you to target stains and visible grime. They also provide a quick and easy solution for disinfecting or wiping down a bathroom that just requires light cleaning.

Getting the Bowl Sparkling Clean

Toilets are often home to germs and can quickly develop stains with daily use. Toilet cleaning products can help you remove deposits and maintain a sparkling bowl. Liquid and gel products that you squeeze or pour into the bowl are usually the best choice for visible stains. After you apply the product under the rim of the toilet, you can scrub with a toilet brush. Most products should then sit for a certain amount of time before flushing.

Once your toilet is clean, you can use tablets to maintain the results. Tablets are dropped into the tank of the toilet. Each time you flush, some of the cleanser enters the bowl to continuously clean for weeks or months.

Natural Cleaning Options

Some people prefer natural cleaning products for their household. These products use plant extracts and other natural substances in place of chemicals wherever possible.