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Bedpans and Urinals at Walgreens

Being bedridden for any length of time-whether due to injury, illness, or advanced age-presents a wide range of challenges. One of the most trying things can be figuring out how to accomplish basic personal tasks like using the restroom when you are unable to get up and walk about. Walgreens has a wide selection of bedpans and urinals that can help ease your burden.

Choosing and Using a Urinal

Urinals are designed with the anatomy of each gender in mind, so you should choose the one that will be easiest for you to use effectively. Most of these tools are shaped specifically so that they can be used by someone lying in bed that is unable to get up and use the bathroom. They can easily be put into position by either the individual or an aid, and they should be thoroughly washed after each use. Other styles of urinals are designed as incontinence products for people on the go. You can attach this type of urinal to your genital area and then strap a bag to your leg to catch the urine. These products allow individuals with mild incontinence to be able to go out and about without the use of protective undergarments.

Bedpans and Portable Toilets

To accomplish bowel movements when you are unable to make it to the bathroom, you may need to turn to either a bedpan or a portable toilet. There are two types of bedpans available from Walgreens. Standard bedpans resemble a typical toilet seat, and they should be used by individuals who are able to sit up in bed and lift their hips to place the unit underneath them. Fracture bedpans are designed for people who are unable to move their hips. They are slanted so that a caregiver can roll the patient onto their side, place the bedpan, and then roll them back onto it. Both styles of bedpans can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use and then reused by the same patient.

Other Options

For individuals who are slightly more mobile, a portable toilet may be preferable to a bedpan. These products are built so that they can be placed next to your bed, but they allow you to have a bowel movement in an environment as similar as possible to a regular restroom. These toilet bowls can be fitted with disposable liners that will absorb moisture, eliminate odor, and make cleanup much easier for the caregiver.

When to Use a Sitz Bath

Whether you struggle with mobility issues or not, you may find that a sitz bath helps ease the pain that can be associated with hemorrhoids, prostate and bladder infections, bedsores, and many other common ailments. These products can easily be fitted to a standard toilet or can be used like a bedpan, depending on whether the patient is able to move around. You can take a sitz bath with just warm water or opt to add solutions that include salts or baking soda as directed by your doctor.

Mobility issues can be tough for anyone to deal with, but you should never be embarrassed about needing to use a urinal or bedpan. These products are designed to make using the restroom as easy as possible for both you and your caregivers. Browse the selection available from Walgreens, and you can find everything you need.