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Body Powder

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Body Powder and Spray at Walgreens

Every day, you want to feel confident and comfortable. Taking steps to reduce odors and wetness associated with perspiration can help you be at your best throughout your daily routine, and Walgreens is here to make finding the best products for your personal care needs as easy as possible. We carry a diverse assortment of deodorant and antiperspirant products online and in stores. In this product selection, we've placed all of the body powders and body sprays currently available for men and women. Explore the product assortment now and discover the best odor-fighting solution for your needs.

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

In this product selection, you'll find sprays with deodorant and antiperspirant properties. Both types of products can help you feel fresher during the day, but they work in different ways. Deodorants minimize body odor. Antiperspirants reduce the amount of sweat released by your pores, promoting drier skin.

Benefits of Sprays

There are a number of reasons why people choose to use body sprays. Because they are dispensed with a spritz or aerosol sprayer, the products are very quick and easy to apply. Sprays can also be applied to parts of the body that are hard to reach, such as the sweat-prone area along the lower back. In addition, sprays typically dry quickly and do not leave behind heavy residues on the skin.

Comparing Body Sprays

The first thing to consider when shopping for body spray is which type you prefer. Some body sprays work as deodorants or antiperspirants, while others include both deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients. You can also find body sprays that simply leave behind a light, pleasing scent without any deodorant or antiperspirant benefits. Once you have focused on the best type for your needs, you can compare the fragrances of the products. Scents are often formulated to suit the tastes of men or women; however, some products are ideal for either gender.

Benefits of Powders

Body powders offer another way to manage odors and wetness. These products contain absorbent ingredients that draw away perspiration, leaving your skin drier throughout the day. In addition, body powders leave behind a lightweight layer of protection on the skin that can reduce chafing. Many body powders are scented and impart a pleasing fragrance to the skin. Although body powders can be applied anywhere, they are most often used in skin folds, on the feet and in intimate areas.

Choosing Body Powders

As you shop for body powders, you can first consider what form you prefer. Many body powders come in bottles that allow you to shake the product onto your skin. Spray and dust-on powders are also available from some manufacturers. Some body powders are enriched with ingredients that provide skin care benefits. For example, you can find products that contain calamine to ease itchiness or aloe vera to soothe irritation. The product descriptions will tell you more about the ingredients found in the body powders and what their benefits are.