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Body Shaping and Enhancing Products at Walgreens

With Walgreens selection of Body Shaping and Enhancing Accessories, it is possible to enhance the curves that nature has given you. From discreet inserts to body shaping underwear, you can find a wide array of products to boost your bust or hide unwanted lumps and bumps. Whether it is in store or online, discover underwear options that can help you to achieve a svelte or curvaceous silhouette.

Give Your Bust a Lift

If you would like to enhance your cleavage or achieve a curvier figure without surgery, you can add inserts to your bra. Flexible, supple inserts can increase your bust by at least one cup size while appearing perfectly natural. If you think that your outfit would benefit from a larger bosom, you can create curves with bra inserts.

Bust enhancers are also ideal if you have had breast surgery or your breasts naturally appear uneven in size. By placing an insert in the relevant bra cup, you can create a balanced bust. Silicone is one of the most common ingredients in bust enhancers. This synthetic compound has a natural appearance and movement that means the inserts are exceptionally subtle. No one will suspect your secret when you have an insert discreetly tucked into the cup of your bra.

Underwear for Backless and Strapless Fashion

Wearing backless dresses or tops that have no straps can present an underwear challenge. You do not want a bra spoiling the effect. However, you may not be confident enough to go out without support. Underwear that is made from adhesive tape can help you to achieve a level of support without unsightly straps or cups intruding on your outfit.

Smooth Out Your Contours

You can tighten and smooth your hips, stomach and buttocks by wearing body shaping underwear. Strong elastic fibers, such as spandex, fit snuggly to your body. The tight fit of figure-enhancing underwear has a slenderizing effect. You can choose from hose that tighten and enhance your buttocks and legs or underwear that fits neatly around your stomach and mid-section.

Avoid a Muffin Top

When you wear a skirt or trousers with a tight waistband, you may find that your stomach protrudes over the top. You can avoid this effect by wearing body shaping underwear, such as a camisole, containing a high percentage of spandex. Spandex has the strength to slenderize your stomach and waist. By wearing this type of body shaping underwear, you can also ensure that your shirts lie flatter across your stomach.

Reduce Visible Underwear Lines

Flattering body shapers can also help you to avoid the telltale underwear lines that can sometimes show up when you are wearing a figure-hugging outfit. Because body shaping underwear is designed to hug your contours and give maximum coverage, it is often seam-free at vital points. No more panty lines or bra bulges, just a slender silhouette.

Increase Your Body Confidence

Knowing that your body has curves in the places that you want them can help to increase your body confidence and self-esteem. With the right body shaping and enhancing underwear, you can dare to wear flattering, figure-hugging outfits.