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Bottle Feeding

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Bottles and Nipples at Walgreens

Regular feedings are an essential part of child-rearing, and babies get hungry frequently. All of those feedings add up to a lot of bottles. Fortunately, you can stock up on the supplies you need easily at Walgreens. We carry a diverse assortment of bottles and nipples, allowing you to easily buy what's best for your baby online and in stores.

Shopping for Bottles by Size and Material

Even though there are dozens of types of baby bottles to choose from, finding the right ones is simple when you follow the right approach. Start by selecting the right size for your baby. Generally, small bottles that hold about 4 ounces are ideal for newborns. As your child's body and appetite grow, you can move to larger bottles. Once you've focused on the size that is right for your baby, consider materials. Some people prefer glass because it's easier to sterilize, while others value the durability of plastic. Bottles with drop-in replaceable liners allow you to use the same pouch for storing and feeding, eliminating messy transfers and simplifying cleanup while still offering the benefits of sturdy plastic bottles.

Comparing Standard Nipple Options

Nipples are another important consideration when shopping for bottles. Generally, newborns and younger infants require slow-flow nipples while faster flow options are considered ideal for older babies. Many baby bottles come with one nipple. It's a good idea to stock up on extras, as nipples can begin to crack or leak over time. To ensure a perfect fit, read the product descriptions carefully to determine the size and type of bottle that the nipples work with. Sticking with nipples made by the same brand as your bottles can make things easier.

Designs for Special Concerns

Some brands make specialty bottles and nipples for babies who have unique needs. If your little one is primarily breastfed, you may want to opt for nipples that better mimic how milk flows through your own nipple. Orthodontic nipples also more closely resemble the shape of a mom's nipple. Your child may require these types of nipples if they have difficulty using conventional nipples for feedings. Anti-colic baby bottles are engineered to reduce air bubbles.

Talk to your pediatrician about which bottles and nipples are the best choices for your baby. You can then use the links at the left to quickly filter products as needed.

Accessories that Simplify Bottle-Feeding

Bottles and nipples aren't all that's required for hassle-free feedings. Keeping bottles clean is important. Bottle sterilization systems make it possible to sterilize without having to boil water, and bottle brushes allow you to reach deep inside bottles to scrub nooks and crannies.

Feeding your little one breast milk in a bottle? You can find pumps that work with collection bags or bottles to make the process easier. A bottle warmer can take the chill off refrigerated formula or breast milk. When your child's ready to begin transitioning to a sippy cup, you can use trainer cups with nipples attached to help them adjust and learn to grip the cup.