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Bottoms at Walgreens

Comfort and fashion combine with a variety of bottoms available at Walgreens. When you're looking to stay comfortable while remaining in style, leggings are a viable option for a number of occasions. Explore the types of leggings available at Walgreens, and select the right style for your wardrobe. Thanks to their comfortable fit, these leggings are flattering on a variety of body types, whether you have an athletic build, a full figure or wear a plus size. You'll instantly transform your closet with comfortable and durable leggings available at Walgreens.


The Walgreens line of bottoms features several styles of leggings. The cotton-polyester-spandex blend leggings are soft and comfortable on your skin. In fact, they are so comfortable that you might feel like you're wearing pajama or yoga pants, not leggings that can be worn outside of the house. You can find ankle-length leggings as well as capri leggings that hit mid-calf. You might opt for the full-length leggings during cold weather and sport your capri leggings during warmer months. Both styles of leggings come in classic black, making them especially versatile. Leggings are versatile bottoms for both body types and fashion needs. In addition to fitting all shapes and sizes, these leggings can also suit a number of occasions, whether you're running errands, heading out on the town with friends, or even heading into the office.


When you purchase bottoms - specifically, leggings - from Walgreens, you add a number of options to your wardrobe, perhaps looks that you did not even expect. Since leggings are invariably associated with comfort, they are the perfect bottoms for casual looks. Pair them with tunics, boyfriend cardigans, and long T-shirts and tank tops for casual looks. When the weather cools down, layer with your leggings. You can wear a tunic-length sweater and scarf with leggings and boots - keeping your legs warm and your look stylish.

You might not instantly associate Walgreens leggings with dressier looks, but they are certainly achievable. For example, you can pair your favorite dress with leggings and boots, keeping your legs warm and stylish with a dressier outfit. A dressy sleeveless tunic - consider one featuring a bit of sparkle and glam - can dress up leggings, which you can wear with your favorite pair of heels. The fashion choices are seemingly endless with these versatile leggings available at Walgreens.


Walgreens bottoms come in a number of sizes, making them suitable for the petite and the curvy and everyone in between. Most leggings sizes fit two pants sizes - for example, a small works well for sizes 4-6, medium for sizes 8-10, and large for sizes 12-14. You can even find extra large and extra extra large sizes suitable for women with pants up to size 22. Thanks to these many styles, Walgreens bottoms are available for all body types. Choose the size that best suits your body - simply match up your normal pants size with the corresponding leggings size to ensure the best fit. You'll be pleased with the comfort, sizing, and versatility of leggings available at Walgreens.