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Cancer Nutrition Products at Walgreens

Whether you've undergone chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer treatment, your body needs good nutrition to recover. A diet with adequate calories and protein may help damaged tissues heal. In addition, some vitamins have antioxidant activity. Antioxidants protect cells against cell damage. Good nutrition is also important for a healthy immune system to help your body fight off everything from infections to cancer. Good nutrition is also vital for maintaining a healthy weight after cancer treatment.

After Cancer Surgery

After surgery your body may need adequate calories and protein to help it heal. Fortified nutritional shakes have up to 20 grams of protein per serving to supply your muscles and tissues with the protein they need for recovery. Along with added protein, these satisfying shakes are enriched with the vitamins and minerals your body needs daily. Double protein beverages supply your body with twice the protein of a standard nutritional shake to help your body heal and repair. Each is individually packaged and ready to chill in the refrigerator and serve.

Difficulties with Swallowing

After some types of cancer surgery, swallowing may be difficult. As a result, your doctor may recommend thickening food and beverages to make them easier to swallow. Instant food thickeners are available that quickly thicken beverages and foods. These products thicken without changing the taste of the food and drink you add them to. Pre-packaged options are available too. Thickened juice cocktails in a variety of fruity flavors make a satisfying addition to a meal or a between-meal snack. Just chill and serve.

When swallowing difficulties make it hard to eat your favorite solid foods, enjoy easy-to-prepare purees that feature home style beef and vegetables or roast turkey and stuffing. Just pop one in the microwave for a meal that's easier to eat. If you have problems swallowing, always follow your doctor's recommendations when choosing your diet.

If you're consuming a mostly liquid diet, getting enough fiber in your diet may be difficult. Apple juice with added fiber helps supply the fiber your diet may be lacking. It contains enough vitamin C to meet your daily requirements in a tasty, easy-to-drink form. It's also available in a pre-thickened form for people who have difficulty swallowing.

After Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiation

Good nutrition is just as important after radiation and chemotherapy to help tissues heal. Some people experience a loss of appetite during and after cancer treatment. Liquid nutrition like fortified nutritional shakes may be easier to tolerate during and after treatments than solid food. Nutritional shakes are a way to get the vitamins, minerals, calories and protein you need when you don't feel like eating. They can also be a supplement to solid food to help maintain your weight and nutritional status.

Following cancer treatment, be sure to include your doctor in any of your food plans. Discuss any supplements and specialty food items and follow your doctor's guidelines. Also be sure to take any medicine as directed.

This summary is intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You should read product labels. In addition, if you are taking medications, herbs, or other supplements you should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before taking any over-the-counter medication as they may interact with other medications, herbs, and nutritional products. If you have a medical condition, including if you are pregnant or nursing, you should speak to your physician before taking these products. Consult a healthcare provider immediately if you experience side effects.