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Cane Accessories

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Cane Accessories at Walgreens

Using a cane can help you to move about more easily, more safely and with less discomfort and pain. As mobility aids, canes are simple to use, and manufacturers of safety devices have developed special accessories to make walking with a cane even easier and more convenient. Walgreens brings you all of the best cane accessories to help you stay active and remain independent, and the Home Health Care Solutions department features affordable prices on accessories every day.

Tips for Improving safety

Canes help people with limited mobility walk by providing stable support. In order for a cane to be safely used, it must be able to resist slipping on slick floors and on slippery surfaces outdoors. As a result, canes are outfitted with no-slip tips. Over time, the tips on canes become worn down, and if wear and tear progresses too much, the cane may become unstable and pose a safety risk. Fortunately, you can keep your cane in good condition by replacing the tips regularly. Tips are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs and they are easy to slip onto the bottoms of canes when it comes time for a replacement.

Handle Replacements to Meet Your Needs

Like the tips of canes, handles can also suffer wear and tear over time. Bumps and scrapes can wear away the grips, making it hard for you to hold on tightly. Replacement handles can be purchased and easily fitted onto a cane to improve your grip and your safety. You can also find specialty grips that are made to improve comfort for those with osteoarthritis and other conditions that can lead to pain or stiffness of the hands and fingers. Adding one of these handles to your cane can help you to get around more comfortably and safely.

Solutions for Keeping Items with You on the Go

When you're shopping, going to the doctor or enjoying an outing with friends or family, you want to keep essentials like your wallet and keys safely secured. It can be difficult to use a handbag or a shoulder bag when you're walking with a cane, which is why manufacturers of cane accessories make special pouches for storage. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these pouches fit onto the side of a cane and can be used to hold small items. The pouches typically close with Velcro or a zipper to keep stored items safe.

Storing Your Cane with Ease

Limited mobility can make it hard to reach for a cane when you need it. Bending over or reaching too far could put you at risk for falling, so it's important that you keep your cane readily accessible. A cane holder can help you to keep your cane nearby on a tabletop, chair back or counter top or in another convenient spot. Many cane holders are small and portable, so you can even take them with you when you're on the go. You can also purchase straps for canes, so that you can hang them somewhere that is easy to access.

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