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Children's Hair Care

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Children's Hair Care at Walgreens

Whether your little one has just a little peach fuzz or long locks, hair care is an important part of bath time. Walgreens can help you get the products you need to cleanse your little one's hair, keep it healthy and manageable and address any concerns that arise. Talk to your pediatrician about the best haircare routine and shop the large selection of products available at Walgreens online and in stores to stock up on the essentials.

What Makes Children's Haircare Products Different?

Just like adults, children’s hair can benefit from ongoing care, but adult products may not be suitable for their unique needs. Many of our children’s haircare products are formulated to make bath time fun and hassle-free. Our children’s haircare products are also formulated to be extra gentle on young skin and hair.

Essentials for Your Little One's Hair

Shampoo is necessary to remove impurities from your child's hair. Kids' shampoos come in a wide range of scents and formulas. Tear-free options take away the worry of burning eyes during rinsing. If your child's hair is dry or difficult to manage, you can add a conditioner to their haircare routine. Two-in-one products cleanse and condition in a single step to simplify bathing. You can also find head-to-toe body washes that double as shampoo, making bath time much simpler and faster.

Products Tailored to Unique Needs

Specialty products can help address concerns related to your child's hair and scalp. Shampoos are available for kids with eczema and dry skin. If combing your child's hair after a bath is painful for them and difficult for you, try applying a detangler. These styling aids lubricate and condition strands, making them easier to separate. Using brushes and combs made for kids can also assist with the process.

Going Natural with Your Child's Haircare Routine

Some parents prefer to take a natural approach to their children's hair care. Natural products contain fewer synthetic ingredients and rely on plant extracts, minerals and other ingredients sourced from nature to deliver results. Because of their more natural formulas, these products may have a lower impact on the environment. Plus, they are less likely to contain artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives. You can use the special feature menu at the left to search for products free of any ingredients that your pediatrician has recommended that you avoid.