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Children's Multivitamins

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Children’s Multivitamins at Walgreens

Vitamins and minerals are required for healthy development and essential functions within our bodies. Most children can get vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, within the food that they eat. However, some children who have certain health conditions or who are on limited diets may be more at risk for deficiencies and may need supplements or a multivitamin. If your child is struggling to eat a balanced diet or if they are choosy with what they eat, ask your child’s healthcare provider about possible solutions or if a multivitamin may be appropriate.

Children’s multivitamins are offered in many different forms including gummies, chewable or disintegrating tablets, and liquid. Many of the products are flavored. Some children’s multivitamins may also have additional supplements such as probiotics and fiber, or ingredients for immune support. A variety of multivitamins for kids can be found online and in stores at Walgreens. Multivitamins may also be available for certain age groups of kids, like babies, toddlers or teens.

Can kids take multivitamins?

Many multivitamin products offer specific formulations made for kids. Recommendations for dosing are listed on the package. You should always carefully follow all instructions provided on the label as well as any instructions from your child’s healthcare provider. You can find many different children’s multivitamins in store and online. Ask your Walgreen’s pharmacist about possible choices for your child. Be sure to store all vitamins and supplements in a safe, unreachable place. Because children’s products can be flavored, kids may try to eat more vitamins or supplements than is recommended. Too much of certain vitamins or minerals can be toxic.

What age can kids start taking multivitamins?

Children’s multivitamins are formulated for different age groups, depending on the product. However, just because a multivitamin supplement is appropriate for your child’s age, it doesn’t necessarily mean your child needs to take one. If you think your child is not getting enough nutrients from foods, talk to your child’s healthcare provider.