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Thermometers are an important healthcare staple in any household. When someone in the family isn’t feeling well, thermometers can help determine if there’s a fever. Walgreens offers a variety of different thermometers available both in-store and online.

What is a normal temperature?

Body temperature normally ranges between of 97.5 and 98.9°F. It’s an important indicator of your health and wellness. When the body’s temperature is outside of the normal range, it could signal a health condition or illness is present. There is a wide range for what’s considered normal because body temperature tends to vary for each individual and can fluctuate during the day, depending on the time of day, environmental temperature, underlying health conditions and exercise.

What temperature is a fever?

When the body’s temperature rises above 100.4°F, this is considered a fever. There are many conditions that may cause a fever, but most commonly it is due to the body fighting an acute infection. Physical symptoms that may accompany a fever include sweating, chills or shivering, muscle aches, and overall weakness. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you can use a thermometer at home to measure your temperature. If you have a fever or symptoms of illness, you should see your healthcare provider for further evaluation.

Types of Thermometers

Thermometers are commonly used by healthcare providers every day to measure body temperature but you can also use a thermometer at home. There are many different types of thermometers available at Walgreens in stores and online, including rectal, ear, oral, and topical.


  • Rectal thermometers, typically used in small children, are placed in the rectum in order to measure the internal temperature.
  • Ear thermometers measure temperature with a probe placed slightly inside the ear canal.
  • Oral thermometers are placed in the mouth, usually underneath the tongue.
  • Topical or non-contact thermometers measure the temperature of the skin by placing a probe or strip on the skin or scanning with infrared technology.

Most thermometers are digital and very easy to use.

What type of thermometers do doctors recommend?

When choosing a thermometer, you should consider the age of the person whose temperature you’ll be measuring.


  • For children under three years of age, it is recommended that you use a rectal digital thermometer for the safest, most accurate reading.
  • Older children and adults may measure temperature under the armpit or orally, under the tongue.
  • Adults may also use a non-contact thermometer, particularly in situations when multiple people may need a temperature reading.

When using a topical or non-contact thermometer, it’s important to follow all package instructions including those for optimal surrounding environment and best practices for measurement site since external factors such as heat from the sun could falsely elevate the temperature reading.

Many thermometers are dishwasher safe or have disposable sleeves for multiple uses. You should use thermometers as directed by package instructions. Visit Walgreens in store or online to select from a variety of thermometers and accessories. To learn more about thermometer products or if you have any questions, ask your Walgreens Pharmacist in store or online via Pharmacy Chat.