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Cleaning Wipes

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Cleaning Wipes at Walgreens

Many people maintain a clean home in part by wiping down kitchen counters and other high-touch surfaces like faucets and light switches daily. Cleaning doesn't have to mean breaking out a bucket and sponge every day. With cleaning wipes, you can get the job done quickly. Walgreens offers a wide range of cleaning wipes, allowing you to shop the way you prefer with items available in-store and for pickup. You can also buy all the cleaning supplies you need online and have them shipped right to your home.

The Benefits of Wipes

Wipes are thin cloths that are soaked in a cleaning product. When it comes time to clean, you remove one wipe from the packaging and run it over whatever surface you wish to clean. Then, you throw the wipe away and use a fresh one to repeat the process or clean the next surface. Cleaning wipes are highly effective, and they’re simpler to use than spray and liquid products, making the process faster. They don't require you to use a separate cleaning tool or paper towel. Using wipes usually doesn't involve rinsing, further speeding up cleaning tasks. You can use wipes in any room of your home as well as in your vehicle when you’re on the go.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting: What's the Difference?

When shopping for wipes, pay attention to what the various products do. Most varieties of wipes are designed to perform basic cleaning functions. Some products are also formulated to disinfect with every use. Check out the product names and descriptions to determine which options clean and which ones clean and disinfect.

Comparing Your Options

To choose the best cleaning wipes for your needs, you’ll want to consider a number of factors. Start by determining which wipes are suitable for the surfaces that you wish to clean.

  • While wipes are multipurpose, some can't be used on specific types of household items or materials.
  • You'll also want to compare the packaging. Some wipes come in small, soft packs that are easy to take with you on the go. Others come in larger quantities sold in canisters or tubs.
  • Some brands add fragrances to wipes to give your home a pleasant scent. Fragrance doesn't affect how well wipes work, so you're free to choose one that appeals to you.
  • Paper towel wipes give you the added benefit of a textured surface that captures impurities while you wipe.

Eco-Friendly Options

Many people are striving to choose natural cleaning products that are friendly to the planet, and some brands are heeding the call by offering cleaning wipes to suit those needs. Some products are moistened using ingredients that are naturally derived. Some varieties of cleaning wipes are biodegradable and safe for composting.