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Sunglasses at Walgreens

Sunglasses can add a fashionable finishing touch to your outfits, but their benefits go well beyond style. The right sunglasses can also help to protect your eyes from the effects of the sun and help you see more clearly when out in the sun. Walgreens can help you find the perfect sunglasses to help you protect your eyes, enhance your vision and make a stylish statement. You can explore our full selection of sunglasses right here to make a purchase online or find out which Walgreens location near you has your favorite style in stock.

Evaluating Sun Protection Benefits

Exposure to the sun poses short- and long-term risks for your eyes. Immediately after sun exposure, your eyes may feel irritated and appear red due to the harsh effects of ultraviolet (UV) energy. Over time, repeated sun exposure can actually cause damage to your eyes. Sunglasses have the ability to reduce discomfort in the short-term and damage to your eyes in the long-term.

Considering Frames

Sunglasses frames are typically fabricated out of plastic or metal. The shape of the frames will help to determine how the sunglasses look on your face. Round faces can be balanced by sunglasses with rectangular frames, while square faces are best suited for round, oval or cat's eye frame shapes. For triangular or heart-shaped faces, look for sunglasses that have a flat top like aviators.

Comparing Lens Options

In addition to considering the frames, you should also pay attention to the lenses of the sunglasses that you are comparing. Polarized lenses help to minimize glare, making them ideal for wearing in snowy conditions, on and near water, while driving and for sports. Some sunglass lenses feature gradient shading, meaning that they are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. These lenses can make it easier to read and see items up close with your sunglasses on. Lens colors also vary from style to style. Some tints have the ability to enhance depth or color perception. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the lenses in the available sunglasses.

Specialty Sunglasses Designs

Some sunglasses have special designs that could be ideal for you. If you wear prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses, you may want to consider clip-on sunglasses. These sunglasses fit onto the frames of your existing eyewear, so you don't need to remove your glasses to wear them. For travel, folding sunglasses can be a convenient option. Folding styles are normally hinged at the middle. This makes it possible to fold them in half, so that they take up less space in a travel bag, pocket or handbag. Sunglasses for children may have a head strap to help hold them in place when little ones run and play.