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Contact Lens Cases

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Contact Solutions, Drops, and Cases at Walgreens

Contact lenses can help improve your vision whether you're looking straight ahead or using your peripheral vision to take in the world around you. This is why they are preferred over eyeglasses by many individuals. In order to ensure that your contact lenses optimally enhance your ability to see and remain safe for your eyes, you must care for them on a daily basis using quality contact lens supplies. Walgreens has the products you need for daily care.

Products for Disinfecting and Removing Debris

All day long, your contact lenses are exposed to fine particulates in the air and impurities like bacteria. To keep your lenses sanitary and maintain clear vision, you must take steps to clean them on a daily basis. Lens cleaners are designed to remove debris and are typically rubbed over the contact lens to loosen build-up. Disinfecting solutions may be used afterward to eliminate germs and ensure they are hygienic. If you wear daily contacts instead of disposables, your eye doctor may have you use an enzyme cleaner on a regular basis to lift away protein build-up that can negatively impact vision.

Solutions for Proper Storage

Soft contact lenses must remain properly hydrated to avoid rips and tears and ensure your comfort. When you're not wearing your lenses, you must store them in liquid to keep them at their best. Saline solution is the contact lens care product designed for lens storage. This saltwater solution is also ideal for rinsing your contact lenses after cleaning or to remove foreign objects like an eyelash. Never rinse your contact lenses with saliva or plain tap water, as this could result in eye infections. Unless you wear disposable contact lenses that you replace daily, you'll need a contact lens case for storing your contacts overnight. There are many different case styles available to suit your needs and make contact lens care simpler.

Drops for Improving Comfort

Many contact lenses wearers develop redness and discomfort throughout the day due to dryness. When wearing contacts, it's important that you don't use just any type of eye drop to deal with dry eyes. Rewetting drops are made specifically for use with contact lenses and help lubricate the lenses without exposing the lenses to chemicals that could damage their surfaces.

Choosing the Right Products and Getting Best Results

The type of solutions, drops and cases that are best for your needs will vary depending on the type of contact lenses that you wear, the health of your eyes and conditions of your lifestyle. Your eye doctor can help you determine what steps are vital to keeping your contacts in the best possible condition. Be sure to follow your optometrist's recommendations to the letter, using the products he or she recommends in the way you are instructed in order to protect your eye health and preserve your contacts. If you're unsure which products in the Walgreens collection are right for you, ask your eye doctor for advice.