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Female Contraceptives

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More information about Contraceptives

Contraceptives, also known as birth control, come in many forms for males and females including medicines and devices. One of the most common types offered over-the-counter is a male condom, which may also help protect against some sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are also female contraceptives. These products may be hormonal or barrier methods of contraception. Although family planning is often a factor in choosing an appropriate contraceptive, it is important to consider protection against STIs. Walgreens offers many different contraceptive and sexual health products in stores and online. Your Walgreens pharmacist can help you find a female contraceptive that may be appropriate for you and answer any questions you may have.

What are the different types of female contraceptives?

Female contraceptives are offered in many different forms. Many types of hormonal contraceptives are only available by prescription, such as injections, topical patches and tablet forms. However, there are some options available over-the-counter. Barrier methods and some hormonal emergency contraception are available without a prescription. Emergency contraceptives are offered as an over-the-counter oral pill and should only be used in times when birth control was not used or it failed. If you weigh over 165 pounds, certain types of emergency contraceptives containing the ingredient levonorgestrel may not work and you should consult with your healthcare provider.

How effective are female contraceptives in preventing pregnancy?

Although female contraceptives can be helpful in preventing pregnancy, the effectiveness of each type varies, and none is 100% effective. Spermicides and contraceptive gels are 79-86% effective depending on if they are used correctly each time. In order to maximize effectiveness, you should follow all package instructions carefully and use contraceptives as directed.

Are there any non-hormonal options for female contraception?

There are many contraceptive options offered that are non-hormonal, including vaginal films and gels. They contain spermicidal ingredients and are inserted into the vagina a certain amount of time before intercourse.

How do I choose the right female contraceptive method for me?

Choosing a contraceptive can be confusing, especially when there are so many options available. It’s best to be prepared before sexual intercourse. That’s why Walgreens offers a variety of contraceptives to help you plan ahead. You can always discuss possible options with your healthcare provider. You can also ask a Walgreens pharmacist for assistance in stores and online via Pharmacy Chat.