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CooperVision at Walgreens

You can't underestimate the importance of your vision. After all, you rely on your ability to see clearly to do many things throughout your day. As a result, you also can't underestimate the importance of choosing contact lenses from a reputable manufacturer for your vision correction needs. CooperVision contacts are frequently recommended by eye doctors. The brand has built a stellar reputation for providing quality lenses that feature breakthrough technologies to promote comfort and eye health for wearers.

A Global Leader in Eye Care

CooperVision has sold contact lenses under its brand name since 1980. However, the company first entered the optics business in 1958. The company was a leading manufacturer of eyewear and optical devices and over the years grew to become a major producer of medical devices. During the 1980s and 1990s, CooperVision began to produce contact lenses. The brand continuously unveiled new innovations that changed not only their product lineups, but also the entire industry. This is because other manufacturers drew inspiration from their ideas. Today, CooperVision contact lenses are sold in 100 countries around the globe. The company is the third largest producer of contact lenses worldwide. The size, roots in scientific research and long history of providing quality products allow CooperVision to stand out among other lens manufacturers. It's also what makes the brand a favorite among eye doctors.

Remarkable Advancements in Lens Design

The lineup of CooperVision contact lenses available with an eye doctor's prescription features a number of technologies that you simply won't find in the lenses produced by other brands. Only CooperVision uses Smart Silicone technology. This is a type of material that is marked by tiny channels that deliver oxygen through the contacts to the eye for improved comfort. The brand also introduced Aquaform Technology, which allows some of the CooperVision contact lens options to form chemical bonds with water molecules on the eye. This keeps moisture locked into the lenses, reducing the likelihood of dry eyes while allowing the contacts to be softer and more comfortable than traditional lenses. Some lenses in the CooperVision collection use PC Technology to retain moisture throughout the day without the need for rewetting. The technology has allowed CooperVision to receive the only FDA approval for contact lenses intended for individuals with contact lens-related dry eyes. It keeps the lenses 100 percent hydrated through 96 percent of the day.

Convenient Online Ordering

Walgreens makes shopping for CooperVision contacts quick and easy. Find the product that your doctor has prescribed on the CooperVision brand page. You can also utilize the check boxes on the left-hand menu to refine your search and locate the appropriate product. Once you have found the type of lenses that you require in the size package that you prefer, click on the product to reach the ordering page. There, you can enter all of the information from your last box of contact lenses or from your doctor's prescription. Once Walgreens has verified your prescription with your optometrist, your contacts will be shipped. To speed up the process, you can fax your prescription to Walgreens.