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Crutch Accessories

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Crutch Accessories at Walgreens

If you've suffered an injury or have recently undergone surgery, using crutches can help you remain active while protecting your weak or hurt foot, leg or hip. Your doctor may recommend that you use crutches during recovery from a wide variety of conditions, injuries and procedures. No matter what the reason for your need for crutches, you can help to make the mobility aid simpler and more comfortable to use with the help of the crutch accessories sold at Walgreens.

Storage Solutions for Life on the Go

To use crutches safely, you need to be able to keep both hands firmly on the grips of the crutches. This means that you won't be able to carry items in your hands when you're on the go. Crutches must also fit snugly under your arms with no obstructions in their way, making handbags and shoulder bags less than ideal for bringing items with you. Backpacks can prove problematic as well because their weight can shift you off balance and make it harder for you to move. Fortunately, manufacturers of crutch accessories have developed a storage solution to help you keep essentials like your cell phone, keys and wallet close at hand. Called crutch caddies or crutch pouches, these storage solutions fit safely onto the frame of a crutch and do not make the crutches harder to use. Outfitted with zippers, the caddies keep items safely secured and are designed to be easy for you to access when you need to get something that is stored inside of the pouches.

Keeping Yourself Comfortable While Using Crutches

While crutches can help you to heal properly, using them can be hard on your upper body. Some people experience discomfort under their arms while walking with crutches due to rubbing of the top pads against the skin. Others may find that their hands begin to ache or hurt from gripping the crutches tightly. If you're experiencing any type of upper body discomfort that is making it difficult for you to use your crutches for long periods of time or at all, adding crutch covers or pillows to your mobility aid can help. These pillows and covers provide extra cushioning, which can improve comfort under the arms. In addition, the covers and pillows can help to enhance your grip on your crutches, allowing you to use them more safely and for longer periods of time. Covers and pillows may fit over the existing padding on your crutches or be used to replace the existing padding.

Ensuring Your Safety When Using Crutches

One of the biggest safety risks that come with using crutches is the risk of slipping. Experts recommend only wearing flat shoes with non-skid soles to help cut down on the risk of slip and fall accidents while using crutches. In addition, you should inspect the bottoms of your crutches on a daily basis. Specifically, check the condition of the rubber tips on the bottoms. These tips must be free of cracks, nicks and other signs of wear and tear in order for them to provide traction when you move. At the first signs of damage, purchase replacement tips, which you can find in the Walgreens crutches accessories department.

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