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Dryer Sheets

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Dryer Sheets at Walgreens

Tumbling your clothes in the dryer lets you skip using a clothesline and allows you to get your laundry folded or hung up much faster. When you use the right dryer sheets, that time in the dryer can provide additional benefits to simplify garment care and even make your clothing more comfortable to wear. Walgreens can help you stock up for laundry essentials with all the household supplies you need, including a diverse assortment of dryer sheets.

The Benefits of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are fabric usually made of polyester or cellulose. They typically feature a coating made of lubricants, fabric softeners and fragrances. When placed in a warm dryer, the coating becomes a liquid and transfers onto the laundry in the load. Using dryer sheets can reduce static cling to simplify unloading laundry and keep socks and other small items from hiding away inside of your apparel. In addition, they enhance the feel of fabrics, leaving them softened for a more comfortable fit. Some individuals simply use dryer sheets because they like the scent that they leave behind on freshly laundered clothing.

How to Choose Dryer Sheets

When shopping for dryer sheets, you may want to start by considering what type of fragrance you prefer. Some manufacturers offer the same dryer sheets in an array of scents, while other manufacturers make just one fragrance. Some have floral or fruit notes, while others draw inspiration from the great outdoors. The product names and descriptions will tell you more about the fragrances that various dryer sheets feature.

Another thing to consider is what you'll be tumbling in your dryer. If you'll be laundering clothing that is highly prone to wrinkles, such as cotton or silk, you may wish to choose dryer sheets with extra wrinkle-fighting power. These dryer sheets usually feature more lubricants than conventional products, allowing them to release folds and creases in clothing with greater ease.

Considering Quantity as You Shop

When comparing dryer sheets, you may also want to consider the number of sheets per box. Quantities vary, and you can find the specific number for each product next to the name on the product page. Because the amount per box differs, you'll need to examine the price per sheet rather than the overall cost when comparing prices. You can find that information next to the price for quick reference.

Gentle Solutions for Your Dryer

Some brands produce gentle options that feature ingredients that may be more desirable for those with sensitive skin. You may see these dryer sheets labeled as "fragrance-free," "skin-friendly," "allergy-friendly" or "hypoallergenic." Those who are sensitive to certain chemicals may also wish to consider naturally derived dryer sheets. These products typically feature essential oils in place of some synthetics, which may make them less likely to cause irritation. You can read the product descriptions to find out more about what various dryer sheets contain.