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Electric Toothbrushes

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Electric Toothbrushes at Walgreens

A healthy, attractive smile requires ongoing care every day at home, but that doesn't mean that your oral care routine has to be difficult and time consuming. Switching to an electric toothbrush can simplify dental care, allowing you to thoroughly clean your teeth with less effort. Walgreens makes finding an electric toothbrush easy. We offer an extensive selection of models from top manufacturers and make it possible to shop online and in stores. Check out our full product selection now or use the menu to narrow down the options by product type, price, brand and more.

Toothbrushes That Simplify Oral Care

Brushing is an important step in any oral care routine. Experts typically recommend brushing your teeth at least twice every day with a toothbrush and toothpaste; however, tooth brushing is only effective when done properly. For those who struggle to brush the way that their dentists recommend, an electric toothbrush can be a highly effective solution. Using a battery-powered motor, the head of an electric toothbrush spins or vibrates to lift away impurities without any need for you to brush manually.

Comparing Electric Toothbrushes

There are three main types of electric toothbrushes available for you to consider. Disposable electric toothbrushes have built-in batteries and are the most economical models. These are designed to be used until the battery dies and are then thrown away. Reusable models that use disposable batteries reduce waste and may have more features than disposable options. The most advanced electric toothbrushes typically have a rechargeable battery that you repower with the help of a charging stand that plugs into a wall outlet.

Making Interdental Cleaning Easier

Dentists typically recommend flossing at least once per day to remove food particles that the toothbrush cannot reach. Many people either skip flossing or do not floss properly due to the challenges of using dental floss. If you're among them, a water flosser can make it much simpler for you. These oral care appliances deliver a stream of water that flushes debris out from in between the teeth and along the gum line. Economical models typically offer one setting, while advanced water flossers may have several modes available for customizing your oral care routine.

Maintaining Your Toothbrush or Flosser

Many oral care appliances require ongoing maintenance to perform at their best. Electric toothbrushes that use disposable or rechargeable batteries for power will typically need to have their heads replaced periodically. Many water flossers have replaceable tips that should be changed on a set schedule as well. Some oral care appliances come with a set of replacement heads or tips, while others do not. At Walgreens, we carry replacement heads and tips for many popular models of electric toothbrushes and water flossers. Shopping by brand and reading the product titles and descriptions can help you quickly find the replacement parts for your oral care appliance.