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Eye Makeup at Walgreens

Your eyes are one of the first things that people notice about you, and they’re often the center of attention during conversations. It’s no wonder so many people are in search of the perfect way to improve the appearance of their eyes. A little eye makeup can go a long way toward enhancing your natural beauty, and you can find the eye cosmetics you need to achieve the look you want in the large selection of products found in Walgreens stores and online.

Enhancing Your Lashes

Your eyelashes frame your gaze, and accentuating them with mascara can dramatically change your appearance. Mascara adds a layer of color to make lashes pop. Black is the most commonly used shade, but you can find mascara in other colors like brown and blue. Some mascaras deposit a thick coating or tiny fibers to make lashes appear fuller and longer. If you'll be outside for long periods of time, wear contact lenses or are prone to allergies, consider a waterproof mascara that resists smearing and running when exposed to rain, humidity and tears. To completely transform your lash line, consider false eyelashes for a dramatic finish.

Contour and Color

Eye shadow can be applied to the upper eyelids and also swept along the lower lash line. Pigments leave behind noticeable color that can bring out the shade of your eyes and complement your skin tone. Using darker colors in the upper eyelid crease contours the eye area, creating beautiful effects. You can purchase eye shadows individually or opt for a palette that contains a variety of colors you can layer and blend or wear alone. When choosing eye shadow, consider when you'll be wearing the makeup . Many people prefer lighter colors for day and darker, more dramatic ones for night.

Defining Your Eyes

To accentuate the shape of your eyes, try a little eyeliner. Pencil and crayon eyeliners produce subtler effects and can be smudged for a smoky look. For more prominent lines, you can choose a liquid option that you sweep on with a pen tip or brush. Like mascara, eyeliner comes in a range of colors, including black, brown and blue.

Beautifying Your Brows

Don't forget about your brows when you're applying your makeup. You can use a brow pencil or crayon to fill in sparse spots or perfect the edges of your brows for a more precisely manicured look. Shadows make it possible to darken your brow line. To control wayward brows, try a clear or tinted liquid gel that helps hold the unruly hairs in place.

Concealing and Addressing Skin Care Concerns

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, making the area prone to imperfections like dryness and lines. The first signs of aging often appear around the eyes as well. Under eye concealers can help diminish the prominence of imperfections and even out your skin tone. Some eye cosmetics also feature beneficial ingredients that nourish and hydrate to promote healthier, more radiant skin in the eye area.