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Facial Tissue

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Facial Tissue at Walgreens

Facial tissues come in handy when you experience sudden sneezes or get misty over a TV show or movie. If you're an allergy sufferer or come down with a cold or flu, you’ll want to have plenty of tissues on hand. You may even use facial tissues to wipe your hands in a pinch or incorporate them into your daily skincare or makeup application routine. No matter why you may regularly reach for facial tissues, Walgreens can help you stay stocked up. We stock a diverse assortment of facial tissues and offer convenient buying options, including in-store pickup and shipping to your home.

Comparing Ply Numbers

One of the key features of facial tissues is their ply. A ply is a layer of material. Generally, a larger ply number indicates a thicker tissue that is softer and less likely to tear during use. Most facial tissues are two-ply, meaning that they are made from two layers of material. A small number of tissues are three-ply. The product names, images and descriptions will tell you what ply each facial tissue is.

Considering Package Shape and Size

Standard facial tissues boxes come in rectangular and square shapes. A square box takes up less space on a desk, vanity or other surface, while a rectangular box usually has a larger opening that allows you to retrieve a single tissue with greater ease. If you use a tissue box cover or holder, you'll want to ensure that the product you choose is the right shape and size to fit inside.

Another key consideration is tissue quantity. The number of tissues per box varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product. You can check out the price per sheet to compare the cost of the available options. If you need tissues for more than one area of your home or go through them quickly, consider buying a value pack that gives you multiple boxes for a single price.

Tissues with Special Benefits

Repeatedly wiping and blowing when you're sick or suffering from allergies can give rise to irritation on your nose and the skin between your nose and lip. Some facial tissues are designed to be gentler on the skin. These products have a small amount of lotion on the surface. Every time you blow or wipe your nose, the tissue transfers some of the lotion to your skin to hydrate and protect. You can even find products infused with eucalyptus oil, camphor and menthol. Dye-free and hypoallergenic products are also available.

Handy Options for Travel

Bringing tissues with you on the go helps to ensure that you're prepared for messes, watery eyes and sneezing. Travel-size tissues make it easy to stay prepared. The small package sizes make them easy to slip into a cosmetic bag or fit into a pocket of your handbag, backpack or travel bag. Typically, travel-size tissues come in multi-packs, allowing you to stock up on ready-for-the-road tissues.