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How to stay well

From early symptoms to prevention and protection, we'll help you find the right support.
  • Getting sick
    • Watch the signs
      A runny nose and scratchy throat can be early indicators
    • Treat symptoms early
      Drink plenty of water and try non-medicated products
    • Restore & maintain energy
      Get good sleep and support energy with vitamins
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  • Feeling sick
    • Feel relief fast
      Cough drops can help quickly ease a sore throat
    • Treat multiple symptoms
      Long-lasting relief can help reduce fever, body aches & chills
    • Rest well & recover
      Take a hot shower before bed to help relieve congestion
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  • Being well
    • Boost your immunity
      Add nutrients like vitamins, zinc & antioxidants to your routine
    • Wash hands
      Kill germs by washing hands regularly
    • Be prepared
      Stock up on products to treat the first sign of any symptoms
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