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Foot & Leg Massagers

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Foot and Leg Massagers at Walgreens

With every step, you put stress on your legs and feet throughout the day. The work that your feet and legs do on a daily basis can take a toll, leading to soreness, throbbing, heaviness and other types of discomfort. When aching feet and tired legs make it difficult for you to feel at your best, you can take steps to address your concerns with foot and leg massagers. At Walgreens, we offer a diverse assortment of massage products that make it easy to target your legs and feet. Explore the product selection now and discover all the ways that you can pamper yourself.

Relief for Aching Legs and Feet

Massage can help provide therapeutic benefits. Often, people visit massage therapists to reap the benefits of massage, but it is also possible to perform self massage at home. The feet and legs are two areas that are particularly easy to self massage. You can massage your feet and legs simply as a way to relax, unwind and alleviate tension. Massage can also help reduce aching and fatigue as a result. All of the products on this page are intended to help make self massage at home easier but deliver benefits in different ways.

Hydrotherapy at Home

Many leg and foot massagers provide massage benefits through hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy involves soaking the feet in water. When you turn on the massaging foot bath, the device creates bubbles that massage the soles, sides and tops of the feet as well as the ankles and toes. Some devices also provide heat to enhance the experience. With some foot bath massagers, you can choose between different levels of bubbles for a light, medium or more intense massage experience. You can even find models with lights that make it easier to perform hydrotherapy massage in a darkened room.

Other Massage Tools and Devices

Not all foot and leg massagers require water. You can find massaging cushions that produce vibrations to soothe tired feet. Like foot baths, these devices are typically powered by electricity. If you prefer to take a manual approach to massage, you can purchase hand-held massage tools that you roll over the legs and feet. These products can be used anywhere in the home and are also ideal for travel. To enhance the massage experience with a manual tool, you may wish to apply a massage oil prior to your self treatment.