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Foot Creams & Treatments

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Foot Creams and Treatments at Walgreens

The sensitive skin on your feet takes a beating as you go through your daily routine. Without proper care, it's easy to develop dry skin on your feet in the form of painful cracked heels or unsightly calluses. Using the wide assortment of foot creams and treatments available from Walgreens, you can address these common ailments and keep the skin on your feet feeling soft and healthy.

Healing Dry, Cracked Feet

Dry feet can be a very painful ailment, especially if you have cracked skin on your heels. You may develop dry skin on your feet from wearing flip flops often or from having a common medical condition such as diabetes or athlete's foot. Once your heels start to crack, every step can be excruciating, so it's important to treat the problem before it gets too severe.

The most popular treatments for dry feet and cracked heels are soothing foot creams. The products available from Walgreens contain ingredients specially formulated to relieve discomfort and stop dryness at its core. Some of the most important ingredients to look for in a foot cream include aloe, shea butter, urea, and glycerin. When applied to dry skin, these products help soften the hard layer and moisturize the more sensitive layers underneath it.

Treating Calluses

If you spend too much time wearing shoes that rub up against your feet, you are likely to develop calluses. While not a dangerous condition by any means, calluses can make your feet rough to the touch and can cause you to feel uncomfortable about your appearance. Luckily, Walgreens has several products to help eliminate calluses and keep your feet smooth and supple. Use a callus shaver, foot buffing pad, or pumice stone to scrape away the dry, dead skin and uncover the softer skin underneath. Once you have gotten rid of calluses, you can apply foot creams and other moisturizers to keep them from re-forming.

Fighting Odor

Some foot treatments contain ingredients which help to fight odor. Because the feet are often closed up in shoes, bacteria can build up, leading to unpleasant smells. Odor-fighting treatments often contain sweat-absorbing powders that eliminate odors by reducing perspiration.

Home Pedicure Products

In addition to tools that help with foot ailments, Walgreens has a wide selection of pedicure products to help you pamper your feet at home. Soak your feet in a massaging spa, trim your toenails with a variety of clippers, and then apply a soothing moisturizer to help reinvigorate your skin. Once you are done, all you need to do is apply some polish (if you so choose), and your feet will look and feel like they were done by a professional.

The different types of foot creams and treatments available from Walgreens can be perfectly tailored to fit each individual. Browse the selection, and you can keep your feet looking and feeling great.