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Grooming Accessories at Walgreens

Most people can attest to the fact that staying well groomed isn't easy. To make the most of your daily routine, it's important to use an array of high-quality products designed to be both safe and effective. Walgreens has a wide selection of grooming accessories for both men and women. You can use them to improve your hair removal routines and take good care of your skin.

Benefits of a Shaving Brush

Since the 1700s, men have been using shaving brushes to prepare their skin for the razor blade. Today's brushes are slightly more technologically advanced, but most of them are still made of either boar bristle or badger hair-just as they were centuries ago. There are several benefits of using a shaving brush to spread soap or shaving cream onto your face. For one, the bristles are able to get under your facial hair and help target the skin underneath. Not only does this motion help spread the moisturizing ingredients of your shaving cream, but it also helps tenderize your skin and make it less likely to get irritated by your razor. The brush also raises the hairs, which better prepares them to be shaved off with as few motions as possible.

How to Use a Shaving Brush

To use your shaving brush, soak its bristles in hot water for a few seconds so that they absorb the necessary moisture to make a lather with your shaving cream or gel. Next, place a dab of your chosen shaving lubricant onto the brush and then apply it to your face using a circular motion. Don't be afraid to put a little pressure on the brush as you use it to spread your shaving soap. The bristles can help exfoliate your skin as you get prepared to shave. Once you've covered the entire area of your face that needs shaving, use a sharp razor to remove your hair as usual. After you are done shaving, however, you need to thoroughly rinse off the brush, wring it dry, and then store it with its bristles facing up.

Other Grooming Accessories

Both men and women will occasionally find a need for tweezers-whether to keep your eyebrows in line or to get rid of a pesky stray hair. Walgreens has both standard and coil standard and coil tweezers to help you target unwanted hairs easily and painlessly. Both types are simple to use and can fit into your car or purse so that you have access to them whenever the need might arise.

Another popular unisex accessory is a shower shaving mirror. These products can help you keep an eye on the areas you need to shave, and they are designed so they won't fog up in spite of the moisture in your shower. They're perfect for anyone who wants to shave in the shower-regardless of whether you're targeting your face, legs, or any other area of your body.

No matter what your daily routine involves, you can be sure that Walgreens has all the products you need to keep yourself looking great. Browse the selection of grooming accessories available in order to perfectly supplement the other products in your bathroom.