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Hair Care for Men at Walgreens

Whether or not you enjoy some one-on-one time in front of the mirror, achieving healthy, great-looking hair can't be accomplished without the right assortment of tools. Here at Walgreens you'll find a complete medley of options, from basic shampoos and conditioners to hair-strengthening and dandruff-fighting products. As you browse the possibilities, keep your hair type and condition in mind: these characteristics help determine what products are most appropriate for you.

Hair Basics

A good hair-care product strikes a balance: it fulfills some important action-such as cleansing dirt and dead skin from the scalp, or allowing you to mold and fix a particular coiffure-without degrading your hair's healthy structure and function.

A strand of hair grows from a follicle, and is composed of an inner coil of keratin protected by the encompassing sheath of the cuticle. High-quality hair-care applications shouldn't damage the cuticle, the degradation of which leaves the interior fibers unprotected and vulnerable to fraying and breakage.

Products for a Nourished, Stylish Head of Hair

A shampoo for thoroughly cleaning the scalp and a conditioner for preserving healthy hair-strand structure serve as the backbone of a good hair-care regimen. You'll find shampoos and conditioners formulated for all hair types, from heavy and oily to fine and dry.

Dandruff is a common bane for guys: beyond the irritating scratchiness, a flaky scalp can make you self-conscious. The flaking is most often caused by dry skin, but actually can also develop with an oily scalp-associated with a condition called seborrheic dermatitis-as well as other dermatological ailments. Specialized dandruff shampoos vary in their approach depending on the underlying cause of the dandruff, so consider your options, consult a dermatologist, and give a few different products a try.

Beyond keeping your hair clean and well-nourished, you likely want it looking good-whether you just need a mop presentable enough for dress-down Friday at work, or you're after a particular hip style. The mens styling products offered at Walgreens include gels, pomades, sprays, and creams. You'll also find hair coloring products for men, including those intended for facial hair.

Tips to Keep in Mind

The American Academy of Dermatology notes that a common cause of hair damage is physical and chemical stresses from excessive cleaning and styling activity. "Less is more" is a good mantra to keep in mind. In terms of styling products, a small amount of gel or cream typically goes a long way. Many men likely over-shampoo. The frequency with which you wash your hair greatly depends on its character: guys with oily mops may need to shampoo more frequently. Otherwise, washing your hair a couple of times a week keeps your scalp clean while warding against hair breakage and promoting beneficial natural hair oils.

Remember, too, to cover up in the sun: hair and scalp can suffer from intense ultraviolet radiation like any other part of your skin. A hat is your friend here.

Make sure you have the products you need to maintain a vigorous head of hair shaped to your preference. Look to the Walgreens storehouse for the best brands at the best prices.