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Hair Care at Walgreens

Great hair days don't happen on their own. To keep your hair looking its best, you need to care for it properly with the right hair care routine. At Walgreens, we have everything you need to cleanse, condition, style and treat your hair, so countless good hair days are ahead.

Essentials for Daily Hair Care

While hair types differ greatly, all hair requires regular cleansing with shampoo and moisturizing with conditioner to remain in the best of health. We carry shampoo and conditioner for all hair types and textures, and with products designed specifically for children and ethic hair types, we offer something for everyone.

You can choose to purchase shampoo and conditioner individually or as a part of hair care sets that give you the convenience of one-and-done shopping.

Salon shampoos and conditioners allow you to purify and hydrate with the same products trusted by the pros.

Solutions for Your Styling Problems

Even if you wash and condition on a regular basis, your hair may not be easy to style and hold in place. Fortunately, styling products can improve manageability, making it easier to create all types of hairstyles.

  • Add texture with pomade, wax and other texturizers or increase body and bounce with mousse and volumizing sprays.
  • Gels make it easier to sculpt and shape and you can count on serums to smooth away frizz in a flash.
  • Finish things off with hairspray to secure every strand.

You'll find all of these styling aids and more here at Walgreens.

Products That Address Every Concern

If hair and scalp concerns are getting in the way of you feeling and looking your best, you can discover products to address your issues in our selection of hair care products.

Hair regrowth and thickening treatments, shampoos, styling products and supplements are formulated to address hair loss and thinning, helping to encourage healthy growth with over-the-counter medicinal, cosmeceutical and natural ingredients.

You'll also find products for strengthening damaged hair, soothing itchy scalp, hydrating dry hair, and reducing breakage and split ends.

Tools, Accessories and Appliances

When it comes time to replace or upgrade the tools, accessories and appliances that you rely on to help you style, Walgreens is the place to shop.

Choose from brushes and combs to help tame, detangle and style hair of all lengths, types and thicknesses and a wide range of elastics, clips, pins and bands for adding flair to hairstyles.

You'll also find hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers for all hair types and all types of styling.

Salon Color at Home

You don't have to head to the salon to cover gray or change your hair color. We have hair color kits that allow you to color at home. With everything from temporary spray-on color to permanent dye, we carry a range of options. You'll even find natural kits that use plant extracts rather than synthetic ingredients to produce beautiful results.