Health Foods and Sports Nutrition

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Health Foods & Sports Nutrition Products at Walgreens

Whether you're striving to lose weight, increase your lean muscle mass or just lead a healthier lifestyle, what goes into your diet matters, and Walgreens can help you meet your dietary needs with ease. We carry a large selection of health foods and sports nutrition products that can aid you in your journey toward accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Stop into your nearest store to purchase products today, or you can browse our full selection of health foods and sports nutrition solutions online. Browse the products available to complete your healthy diet.

Easy Meal Replacements

Even when you don't have time to sit down for a nutritious meal, you can supplement with health food and sports nutrition products. Meal replacement bars can supply your body with vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients in an easy-to-eat form. Drinks and shakes are another quick solution for meeting your nutritional needs on the go and come in ready-made, liquid concentrate and powdered forms. You can find bars and drinks designed to complement specific diet plans and provide nutritional support for athletes.

Energy-Boosting Solutions

When you just can't find the energy to keep up with your workout routine, energy enhancers may help give you the boost you need. Caffeine supplements and drinks are available. In addition to products that contain caffeine, you can find energy-boosting shots, drinks and supplements that contain nutrients like B complex vitamins and herbs. Some athletes also rely on electrolyte drinks and supplements following their workouts.

Snacks That Fit Your Diet

Satisfying your hunger in between meals doesn't have to mean straying from your healthy diet. In our selection of health foods and sports nutrition products, you can find snacks and candy that will fit into your eating plan. Options include low-calorie treats that are ideal for weight loss plans, protein-rich snacks for athletes and foods that complement specific diets like the Atkins plan.

Increasing Your Protein Intake

Protein is an important nutrient for good health. Experts often recommend foods that are rich in protein to provide fuel for workouts and assist with recovery after exercise. You can increase your protein intake a number of different ways. Protein bars can be enjoyed as a quick snack or meal replacement. Shakes and smoothies are another option and are available in ready-to-drink and powdered forms.